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The Mothers' Union
Of Barbados
Established in 1913


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President's Message

Welcome to the Barbados Mothers' Union. We as mothers are united with all mothers throughout the world in worship love and praise. Give us a call we want to hear from you.

The History

In 1913 a visitor to Barbados, Mrs. Bloxham, founded a Mothers' Union group on June 24th (St. John Baptist's Day) at St. Michael's Cathedral. The work went on quietly until 1925, when Canon and Mrs. Burton arrived from England and started Branches in other parishes.

The first among these were St. Matthew's, St. Matthias' and St. Saviour's. A fellowship of Marriage was also started, and in 1935 was re-organised as a department of the Mothers' Union to deal with the requirements of young married women and to meet special needs and conditions with the object of upholding the high ideals of the Mothers' Union concerning marriage, parenthood and social obligations.

Scores of mothers benefited greatly from the work of this department, both in Mothers' Union ideals, in Fellowship with others and in faithfulness in Church membership. This department organised an annual Toy Service at Christmas- time; to which children brought their own toys to be distributed later among those who had none of their own.

A literature stall was run by the members and this proved to be of greatest value in supplying books dealing with the training of children. Intercession prayers were all drawn up regularly and distributed to members.

By 1930 there were 26 Mothers' Union branches, but by 1946 the number had dropped to 22. Monthly meetings of the branches were held regularly, and at the quarterly meetings of the Diocesan Council, enrolling members and other officers had the opportunity to give an account of their work and to express their views on any matters which might arise.

Barbados was represented at the World-wide Mothers' Union Conference held in England in1948 by Mrs. H. Hutchinson and Mrs. A. Skeete. The highlights of the conference were the Corporate Communion of the delegates and a pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral.

It was in 1968 that at the World-wide Conference, held in England, many questions as to the relevance of Mothers' Union to the present age and concerning the position of overseas dioceses and provinces were raised, particularly with regard to autonomy. The President, Mrs. P. Tudor attended that Conference. Under the terms of the 1974 Supplemental Charter which replaced the Royal Charter of 1926, Barbados asked for autonomy and was granted it in June 1975.

The Centenary of the Mothers' Union in England was celebrated in 1976, and in 1979, the International Year of the Child, a Reception Centre for children was presented to the Government of Barbados. It is situated at the Nightengale Complex - Black Rock.

The 1981-1982 project raised enough funds to provide a car for the transportation of disabled children. This was in commemoration of the designated Year of the Handicapped (1981). In 1984 a van was presented to Minister of Health to be used by handicapped children. In 1988 Barbados was represented at the World-wide conference by Lady Undine Gallop.

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Membership of the Mother's union is open to all mothers married or unwed because of the changes in society. Especially the young mothers who need help. Come to us!! We need you. You need us.

January Meeting Service of Rededication
1st Friday in March Women's World Day of Prayer
4th Sunday in Lent Mothering Sunday
March 25th Lady Day - Feast of the Annunciation. Chain of Prayer (6 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
June 24th St. John Baptist Day - Anniversary of Founding of Barbados Mothers' Union
August 26 - August 31 Wave of Prayer throughout the year and especially at this period.
2nd Sunday after Easter Provencial Sunday

Branches observe Corporate Communions once a month and on March 25th and June 24th. These are occasions of witness to the Parish of the corporate entity of the Mothers' Union Branch and members should make every effort to attend



At present there are approximately 2000 members in the Mothers' Union from 48 churches in the Diocese of Barbados. The churches are:

All Saint's St. George's
All Souls St. James
Christ Church St. John
Holy Innocents St. John The Baptist
Holy Trinity St. Joseph
St. Albans & Silas St. Jude
St. Ambrose St. Lawrence
St. Anns St. Leonard
St. Augustine St. Lucy
St. Barnabas St. Luke
St. Bartholomew St. Mark
St. Catherine St. Martin
St. Christopher St. Mary's
St. Clement St. Mathews
St. Cyprian's St. Matthias
St. Davids St. Patricks
St. Pauls St. Peter's
St. Philip's St. Philip The Less
St. Savior's St. Stephen
St. Thomas Visit the Barbados Diocese site


Mother's Union Prayer

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who gave marriage to be a source of blessing, we thank you for family life, with all its joys and sorrows.

May we know your presence and peace in our homes, fill them with your love and use them to your glory.

Bless all who are married and every parent and child.

Pour out upon us your Holy Spirit, that we may truly love and serve you.

Bless the members of the Mothers' Union throughout the world, unite us in prayer and worship, in love and service, that, strengthened by your grace, we may seek to do your will; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Mothers' Union Purpose

The purpose of the Mothers' Union is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

Membership is open to all those who have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and intend to support and work for the Aim, Purpose and Objects of the society.

Members are united in prayer and service to show forth the glory of God and to help forward the work of the church.

Mothers' Union Objects

The mothers' Union is a World- Wide society and its objects are:

To uphold Christ's teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding;

To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church;

To maintain a world-wide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service;

To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children;

To help those whose family life has met adversity.
























Mrytle Williams

Vice President
Hadassah Conliffe

Jennifer Maynard

Phyllis Trotter


Contact Information

Pan Mar
2nd Ave., Jones Land,
Deacons Road.

St. Michael, Barbados

246 425 7978

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